Pattar Excavating Services make the builders able to show their magic on the land surface. Want to read everything about us? Read Here.
Pattar excavating company is well-known name in construction industry. Providing the best excavation and demolition services in BC for last decade.

Have been in this business since 1994 and till now, we have worked for 240+ house owners.


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Excavation Services BC

If you need to make the land surface able to construct buildings or bridges on it, then Pattar excavating company is the name which give your dreams a beautiful shape.

Dirt Hauling-Service-in-Surrey-BC-Langley-BC-Wight-Rock-BC-Richmond-BC-Mapple-Rich-BC-Abordsfort-BC

Dirt Hauling Services BC

Our high-tech machinery and trucking service wipe all the garbage and waste material perfectly in way that you will be unable to find any extra material on the surface.

Demolition Services Service Surrey BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC

Demolition Services BC

We knock-down the abandoned buildings and rocky structure professionally with the help of our best machinery like caterpillars and digging equipment.

Sand & Gravel Services BC Surrey BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC

 Sand & Gravel Services BC

We are known for providing best quality sand and gravel to fill-up the deep zones of construction site and to produce a good quality concrete for building development.

Drain Tiles Services BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC Surrey BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC

Drain Tiles Services BC

Here, you will get the best way to make your basement waterproof with the help of drain tiles, as are knows for fixing drain tiles professionally so that no leakage or damage could occur at your basement area.

Backfill Services BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC Surrey BC

Backfill Services BC

Pattar excavating company is always called to get backfill services in BC to cover the basement area during construction for better support.

Trucking Services BC Surrey Langley Wight Rock Richmond Mapple Rich and Abordsfort

Trucking Services BC

We are known as best construction transport and trucking services in Surrey, BC as most of the construction builders trust Pattar excavating.

Land Cleaning Services BC

When it comes to land cleaning services in BC, we are always there to clear unwanted trees and rocky surfaces for construction purposes.

Rain Water Leaders RWL Surrey BC Abordsfort BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC

Rain Water Leaders (RWL)

We are expert in providing rain water leaders BC, drainage systems so that all of the storm and rain water could be trapped into main drain pipe.

Rock Pits Service In BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC Surrey BC Langley BC Wight Rock BC

Rock Pits Service In BC

We are always called for rock pits and civic work services in BC, as we are expert in developing a surface which could soak flood and rain water etc.

Storm & Sanitary Connections Langley BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC and Surrey BC

Storm & Sanitary Connections

We are also deal in providing storm and sanitary connections BC, as we take very less time to complete this process and make your connection ready to use.

Lot Digging Services BC Wight Rock BC Richmond BC Mapple Rich BC Abordsfort BC Surrey BC Langley BC

Lot Digging Services BC

We are known as expert lot digging services BC, where you can find best diggers to avail parking lot for your home and office.


Jason Wong

Proexcellence Building
I was very impressed with Pattar Excavating. I find they are a fast, accurate, and cost effective option. I am Jason, president of Proexcellence Building.

Sham Sandhu

Director, Castlehill Homes Ltd
“This is to confirm that Pattar Excavating vas constructed by Castlehill Homes, LTD to complete excavating, drain tile, backfill, compacting, and foundation prep work for a 75 unit townhouse project (“Sakura Morgan Heights”), located at 15688 28 Ave in Surrey BC, Pattar Excavating completed aforementioned work on time and on budget, and as such we have no issue recommending them.”

Mandeep Johal

President, Dreamstar Homes
My name is Mandeep Johal, President of Dreamstar Homes, Patter Excavating has worked with our company as a subcontractor for our various sites for excavation. Patter Excavating has been working with us for about 4 years. We have used Patter Excavating for both our Multi-Unit as well as our residential single family division. Mr. Bally Pattar and his team are dependable, experienced, honest and hardworking individuals. We have used his experience in many difficult scenarios that arose during the course of construction. His knowledge is very vast and solutions are quick. We will continue to use Patter Excavating for our construction needs. It truly is a pleasure to work with a professional established company.

Luca Tinaburri

Solterra Construction Corp.
Solterra has always been very pleased with the quality of work provided by Pattar on our Sun@72nd Project in Surrey, BC.

Gary Mann

Owner Builder
I got a few quotes and after my meeting with Bally Pattar who spent at least an hour answering all my questions and giving me advice no matter whom I hired, it was clear to me that I had met the best fit and glad I made the most important initial decision in my process. He gives honest and reliable advice based on his years of experience and did not take advantage of me being a new builder. I have a lot of builder friends in my social circle and those all agreed on what a clean and well prepared jobsite Pattar Excavating did at my lot. I would definitely recommend Pattar Excavating to my family and friends.


Because we are very flexible

When you think about any of your dream to construct a dream house or any commercial building or bridge, you need a clear surface which you can get only by taking best excavating, demolition and dirt hauling services BC.

And here in British Columbia Pattar excavating company is a well reputed name. It is having experience of about two decades, is known for providing high quality excavation, demolition, dirt hauling as well as sand and gravel services in BC.

We are known for our quality services as we are serving in construction field for last 24 years and know this filed from the depth. This is the reason most of the builders and other individual customers come to us and recommend us for best excavation and demolition services in BC.



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